Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website about ?

This website is about getting free money and rewards by doing simple stuff like collecting points and is worldwide which means we accept members from any country in the world.

What are points and how can i collect them ?

Points are the currency used on our site to redeem free rewards and to earn them all you have to do is simple tasks such as daily bonuses,promo codes,watching videos,downloading apps,playing games,registering on sites.

What are promo codes and where do i find them ?

Promo codes are used to redeem free points in our site and we share them on our facebook fan page in limited claim amounts so be sure to like our facebook fan page and turn on notifications to see the codes as soon as they are posted ond not miss them.

How can i redeem my reward after i have enough points ?

All you have to do is to go in "Rewards" section choose your favourite reward and amount of it and click "Redeem" button.

I already redeem my reward but is not delivered yet how much do i have to wait ?

We deliver your rewards based on the timeframe of your currentl level, which you can check by clicking on the "?" button at right of your current level.